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Stealing from [ profile] rheakurokawa since I am bored and/or stuck with any other writing. (Though, there is a prompt me post for longer drabbles a few posts down... heh.)

one-sentence challenge.
rules: give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

→ Any and all fandoms/pairings I know of and am known to either like or write are good to go (if you are unsure, feel free to ask).
→ Should someone else already request your choice of pairing/fandom, panic not because each request is treated as unique.
→ You may ask more than one if you so desire.
→ Offering a word or a little prompt for the sentence is also possible should you feel like adding an extra touch to your request.
→ This will always be active.
→ Anyone may ask away~

for [ profile] iced_eowyn

Die/Shinya, Roses Are Red, PG
"Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you," says Die in this cheery, half annoying, half amusing sing-song voice of his, not letting himself be bothered when all he receives from the other is a carefully blank expression for Shinya has the ability to show emotion (in this case, amusement) even when his face shows no actual signs of it; and after a carefully extimated moment Shinya raises one perfectly shaped eyebrow, that one gesture enough to ask a question - and Die answers with the best way he knows to: by kissing him.

for [ profile] hyena_says_rawr

Kisaki/Kyo, Submission So Sweet, G
Kisaki's amused (though Kyo's not) by the blonde in front of him, eyes dark and posture defiant; Kisaki smirks, picks up a hand held next to an unmoving body, and a heartbeat goes by: fingers entwine, gently, and those captivating eyes soften just slightly - but that's all he needs, a sign of submission so sweet; and all is well again.
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