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Once again, it's time for my little Christmas Calendar.

It's in the form of Ask and you'll receive, again. :)

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Stealing from [ profile] rheakurokawa since I am bored and/or stuck with any other writing. (Though, there is a prompt me post for longer drabbles a few posts down... heh.)

one-sentence challenge.
rules: give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

→ Any and all fandoms/pairings I know of and am known to either like or write are good to go (if you are unsure, feel free to ask).
→ Should someone else already request your choice of pairing/fandom, panic not because each request is treated as unique.
→ You may ask more than one if you so desire.
→ Offering a word or a little prompt for the sentence is also possible should you feel like adding an extra touch to your request.
→ This will always be active.
→ Anyone may ask away~

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Here are finally the Diru pics I took at Ankkarock. Better late than never, hm? XD;;

You can download all the pics from here. (Some of them are bad, some of them are better - I decided to upload them all so just delete the ones you don't want to keep. ^^)

I haven't done anything to the pics, not even added a disclaimer because a) I don't think that's necessary and b) I'm too lazy to do so anyway. x) But I would appreciate a comment if you take any of them.

Most of the pics are of Kyo, Shinya and Die. Just because I happened to be in front of Kyo and Shinya and sometimes even see Die pretty well. Too bad Toshiya and Kaoru were too far away so I only have a couple of pics of them.

Enjoy the pics. ^.^
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Ok, so here are finally the photos I took at Tuska. You can use them for graphics and such if you feel like it (some credit would be nice though) and save them for your own viewing pleasure but please don't claim that you took them ok? ^^

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